Visit CSC Live's Internet portal to view live broadcasts, check the event schedule, and watch previous broadcasts on-demand.

The Chadron State College YouTube channel contains general videos, including commencements, academic presentations, and more.

The CSC Athletics YouTube channel contains athletic videos, including athlete and coach interviews, features, and more.

Triptych showing a student operating a video switcher, the CSC Live logo, and a student operating a camera.

About CSC Live

Chadron State College Live provides live streaming coverage of select events on campus. CSC Live covers athletic events, graduation, and more. The College Relations staff and student workers produce CSC Live streams and prerecorded videos, which are free to view. Additional prerecorded athletic videos are produced by the Sports Information Office.

CSC Live is Hiring Student Workers

College Relations often has openings for student worker positions to assist with video productions. CSC's live productions are an exciting way to learn about broadcasting and serve as excellent preparation for future work in the field.

Duties include operating cameras, video switcher, replay system, sound mixer, and equipment setup. Live commentary roles are available for students with an aptitude for public speaking. Internships are also available, and give students an opportunity to explore specific aspects of video productions.

All CSC Live work is paid, and open to students with and without Federal Work Study. Training is provided. Contact Daniel Binkard for more information.

Scoreboard Cut Off?

CSC Live onscreen scoreboard graphics are shown near the edge of the screen. Some televisions will cut off these edges of the picture. This is called overscan, and can usually be adjusted in the television’s picture settings. The specific setting to get an accurate picture might be called “just scan,” “1:1 pixels,” “screen fit,” or similar. You may find information on how to adjust this setting by searching the web, using a term such as “TV disable overscan.”

Some CSC Live broadcasts will not include an onscreen scoreboard graphic for logistical reasons.

Hear from Past Student Workers

“When I joined CSC Live, I had taken a digital media class in high school, and was interested in photography. I loved learning about all the behind the scenes work. I enjoyed running the cameras and replay, and I did commentary for many of the softball games we covered. Having the opportunity to work for CSC Live has been one of my favorite parts of being a student at CSC. I got paid to do the things I really enjoy: videography, photography, and sports.” —Kayla Reinke

“Working at CSC Live gave me real, hands-on experience. I wasn’t reading textbooks and taking tests, I was putting a real product out to the world for fans to watch. Because I worked at CSC Live, I had on-the-job experience that really helped me land a career right out of college. On top of that, I always had fun. The crew is fantastic and you get to experience the game day atmosphere from a different perspective.” —Preston Goehring

“I started with CSC Live the first year it started in 2012. As a freshman, I was just hoping to find a job that would tailor to what my degree was going to be in. I ended up meeting Daniel Binkard. I was hired and as I began working with Daniel, his staff, and the other students that first year I realized this was not only a great student job to meet people across campus but it also was providing real world experience for me and my degree. Through CSC Live I was able to do some internships during my academic career. Just seeing the product Daniel and Chadron State puts out every time speaks for itself. If it wasn’t for CSC Live I don’t think I would have the success I do today. I took so much away from it and in the long run it has paid off in helping me in my professional career. If you’re a student who is looking to learn a new craft, work with live productions, and gain experience that can help with your professional career, I’d highly recommend working in CSC Live. What you gain from it will pay off in the future and the people you meet working for CSC Live is something you will never forget. I know I haven’t.” —William McLaughlin